March 25, 2021

A Full Year of Thirsty Thursdays

A Full Year of Thirsty Thursdays

A year ago, I started hanging out with some of my closest friends, some of the Vox&Hops Alumni & Vox&Hops' Heads on Zoom each Thursday. I called it Thirsty Thursdays. Little did I know at the time, just how important these hangs would become. The community, the family, the group of friends that has formed all across the globe is truly amazing. I am in awe of what it has become. To honor the 1 Year anniversary of Thirsty Thursdays I ask the members of the community to tell me what Thirsty Thursdays mean to them.

Make sure to check out Vox&Hops' Brewtal Awakenings Playlist which has been curated by the Metal Architect Jerry Monk himself on either Spotify or Apple Music. This playlist is packed with all the freshest, sickest & most extreme albums each week!!!

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