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Beer and Metal - two of my favorite things

Every episode is entertaining and a great way to get a new prospective on metal artists with respect to beer. Really love heading from brewers who are into metal

Great guests, great discussion

Holy smokes does Matt get some of the best guests in the scene on his show. The topics are always good and the discussion is always interesting. Whether you like metal, craft beer, both or neither, this is a great look inside a really active and dynamic scene, led by a smart, thoughtful host.

Vox and Hops

Great concept for Beer and Music lovers everywhere! 🤘🤘🔥🔥

Great content!

Matt is a great guy from the scene, knowledgeable great conversations and topics of discussion. If you love metal or beer or both this is the podcast for you!🤘🏻


Craft beer and metal! The perfect podcast.

Love this!

Great mix of beer and metal!

Vox & Hops rulezzz!

Can’t go wrong with metal and beer!!! Awesome show🤘🏻🤘🏻

Brutally good!

One the best metal podcasts out there. Great interviews with many actors from the metal scene all over the world.