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A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Metal, Craft Beer

Do you love life, metal and craft beer? Then look no further because this is the podcast for you! Matt is by far one of the hardest working people in the metal community. He has interviewed over 200 different musicians, brewers, producers, tour managers and many other wonderful human beings in just over two years! Now that is one of the many reasons I think no one is doing it better than he is. The Vox & Hops Metal Podcast has something for everyone. Whether you are a metal head, a craft beer connoisseur or you just have a general interest in learning more about how the music industry works, how brewers come up with their crazy ideas or you just want to hear some insane stories from your favourite artists, then this is a podcast you will enjoy very much. My question is why haven’t you tuned in yet? With three episodes released every week the Vox & Hops Metal Podcast is something perfect to crack open a craft beer to and just relax. I’m always learning something new from Matt and his guests and I can never be patient enough for the next episode to drop. Besides the podcast Matt created the Vox & Hops Thirsty Thursday Virtual Hang where every Thursday fellow Vox & Hops Heads gather virtually to enjoy life, metal and craft beer. Once a month he even joins himself to record a live interview that you can also be a part of! If that’s not enough there’s a private Facebook group and Discord server dedicated to everything that this podcast and Matt is about. Without all these extras, 2020 and the global pandemic would have been an even harder thing to deal with than it already was. With all that said I raise my glass to the Chief Matt McGachy and the Vox & Hops Metal Podcast. This is something you don’t want to miss out on! - Colby Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The "Must Listen" podcast of you like metal and craft beer

Do you like metal? Then you're going to love this podcast. Do you like craft beer too? Then you are going to LOVE this podcast! Matt gets to put together an amazing list of guests with some of the best names in metal and chat with them in a cool, informal and very entertaining way about music, albums, life-on-the-road anecdotes, life and yes... craft beer. Every single episode is totally worth listening! Jorge / Toronto, Canada

Life, Metal and Craft Beer

Apart from being one of the nicest dudes in the scene, Matt has no shortage of fantastic guests. Always super intimate and personal interviews with Brewers, Musicians and industry insiders makes for a podcast you can’t help but get sucked in by. A must if you enjoy metal and/or craft beer!

Beer and Metal - two of my favorite things

Every episode is entertaining and a great way to get a new prospective on metal artists with respect to beer. Really love heading from brewers who are into metal

Great guests, great discussion

Holy smokes does Matt get some of the best guests in the scene on his show. The topics are always good and the discussion is always interesting. Whether you like metal, craft beer, both or neither, this is a great look inside a really active and dynamic scene, led by a smart, thoughtful host.

Vox and Hops

Great concept for Beer and Music lovers everywhere! 🤘🤘🔥🔥

Great content!

Matt is a great guy from the scene, knowledgeable great conversations and topics of discussion. If you love metal or beer or both this is the podcast for you!🤘🏻


Craft beer and metal! The perfect podcast.

Love this!

Great mix of beer and metal!

Vox & Hops rulezzz!

Can’t go wrong with metal and beer!!! Awesome show🤘🏻🤘🏻

Brutally good!

One the best metal podcasts out there. Great interviews with many actors from the metal scene all over the world.