July 13, 2020

Albert Mudrian (Decibel Magazine)

Albert Mudrian (Decibel Magazine)

A conversation about COVID- 19, his craft beer journey, the soundtrack to his youth, the evolution of Decibel, taking a chance with smaller bands, keeping it fresh, branching out, Hall of Fame Vol 3, Metal & Beer Fest & his hangover cure.

Throughout this interview Albert was drinking TRVE Brewing Co.'s "Tunnel of Trees". An IPA that was hopped with Citra, Centennial, and Chinook Hops. It clocked in with a 7% ABV.
Matt was drinking Nickel Brook Brewing Co.'s "Metal Head". This Double IPA was juicy, boozy, slightly chalky & simply fantastic. It clocked in with a absurdly sneaky 9% ABV.

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