Oct. 3, 2019

Ash Pearson (Revocation)

Ash Pearson (Revocation)

A conversation about the soundtrack to his youth, becoming friends with his idols, why he chose drums, how he became a craft beer enthusiast, his favourite BC breweries, creating a Revocation beer, the top drummers of today & his warmup routine.

Throughout this interview we drank Brasserie du Bas-Canada's Hypa #6 one of Quebec's best Hazy IPAs.

Come out and celebrate Vox&Hops' 1 Year Anniversary with me, some of the Vox&Hops' Alumni & other Vox&Hops' Heads on October 26th at Turbo Haüs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!!!! I have brewed a NEIPA called "Highway to Hops" in collaboration with Microbrasserie Le Fermentor, will be selling the first Vox&Hops 9oz Glassware & will be conducting the very first live Vox&Hops interview with an extremely special secret guest!!!! All info on the Vox&Hops Facebook Page!

Photo Credit:
Derek Carr

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Ash Pearson's Website:

Brasserie du Bas-Canada:

Vox&Hops 1 Year Anniversary Party Tickets: https://voxandhops.bigcartel.com/product/1-year-anniversary-party-glassware-entrance-ticket

Microbrasserie Le Fermentor:

Photo Credit
Derek Carr: https://www.visionsinpixels.com/Live-Music/2019/Revocation-wVoivod-and-Guests-09-23-2019/

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