May 16, 2023

Album Review - Frozen Soul "Glacial Domination"

Album Review -  Frozen Soul

It is always a big risk for bands to take chances on their sound early on their careers. Change too much and fans will label you a sellout and if you don’t change enough, people will say everything sounds the same. On the Fort Worth, TX quintet’s sophomore album, Glacial Domination, the band experiments with their sound in a few instances while holding on to their core sound. 

You could say this is a tale of two albums by the group. The first half of the album is Frozen Soul doing their tried and true sound that got them signed to Century Media after just one demo release. Bludgeoning caveman riffs, machine gun double bass and vocalist Chad doing his trademark caveman growl through the ice cold atmosphere they create. The group alternates between mid-tempo speeds and slow, chuggy riffing on “Arsenal of War”, which definitely has a sing along chorus that will have the crowd yelling the lyrics back at the band. “Morbid Effigy” is another prime example of Frozen Soul being Frozen Soul, coming out of the gate with a slow, chugging slugger of a riff before launching into a full out assault on to the listener. The guest spot by John of Dying Fetus is absolutely perfect. His gutturals fit spot on with this track. 

After a quick synth track that feels straight out of a John Carpenter movie, Frozen Soul shows off some the trick they picked up for this album. Title track “Glacial Domination” has a big melodic death sound to it. Think Amon Amarth back in the early to mid-00’s. Super melodic riffs that soar up in to the frigid stratosphere and come back to swirl around the listener. Matt Heafy of Trivium, who helped produced the new album, lends his guitar with a super sweet solo that helps tie the song together. I could see this song going over really well at Wacken or Hellfest to win over some new fans that may not be aware of Frozen Soul (you have to be living in a damn cave if you haven’t heard of this band in some way). The tracks “Frozen Soul” and “Assimilator” feel like they are a part one and part two of what could’ve been one longer song. The way the transition from one to the other is seamless and the only way I knew “Assimilator” was starting was seeing it change over on my phone. Not really a complaint but more of a thought of what could have been if they could have made it one big, epic track to possibly end the album. Sandwiched between “Best Served Cold” and “Atomic Winter”, which are two excellent tracks, is the track “Abominable”. This one is a certified banger that would be perfect in an arena/festival setting. It sounds like Frozen Soul but with an even bigger, robust sound. I could see a crowd full of people chanting Abominable along the barricade while a huge circle pit swirls about. What impressed me about the track was the solo. Good night is that thing ripping! If that thing doesn’t have you moving in some kind of way, then you need to check your pulse! 

Frozen Soul really knocked this new release out of the park, and that isn’t me being some home town fan trying to push the Texas scene on people. They truly took some big steps in their musicianship and stepped out of their comfort zone in how they approach their song writing but it paid off in a big way. I genuinely see nothing but a bright future for this band. Do yourself a huge favor and check out this stellar album when it drops this Friday!

- The Metal Architect