Jan. 18, 2022

Album Review - Needless' "The Cosmic Cauldron"

Album Review - Needless'

"When it comes to melodic metal, there's only a handful of albums that I'll give the time of day to. In Flames gets my seal of approval for their work up to and including Colony. Of course you can add Slaughter of the Soul to the list. And you can include a couple of Anata and Arsis albums too. This isn't to say that every other album in this genre isn't good; it's just not my thing as I do find a lot of it to be very pedestrian 

So where does The Cosmic Cauldron from these Hungarians land? Well, it lands pretty damn high on the list. For a genre filled with bands doing the paint-by-numbers approach to metal, Needless has unleashed an album that is anything but standard for melodic metal.

There's a ferocity that Needless delivers on each song that their contemporaries lack. I really can't recall the last time I've heard an album with this amount of melody be delivered with such ferocity. Maybe an Arsis album? Don't get me wrong, you're not going to confuse The Cosmic Cauldron with a brutal death album. However, there is enough intensity here to match what In Flames does on Behind Space with the melodic brilliance of The Jester Race. I know I'm throwing out some heavyweight comparisons here, but it's that good.  

So besides having the ability to write an hour's worth of earworms with ripping hooks, zealous raspy vocals, and a rhythm section with the precision of a well-seasoned sniper, the guys know how to play. And I mean, they really know how to play. As much as their lethal take on this genre sets them apart from the pack, their technicality puts them even further ahead. Have a listen to the song, The Prism Fortress, and you'll see what I mean. It eases you in, ensures you're comfortable before it takes you for a celestial journey of euphoric ecstasy.  

The Cosmic Cauldron is the real deal and while we are early in the new year, it would have to be something quite extraordinary to unseat this album for its place on the melodic metal throne."