Sept. 1, 2022

Album Review - Silurian "End of Ordovicia"

Album Review -  Silurian

After a bit of a lull, the Metal Architect is back to sling some reviews in September. Life has been hectic but good for me the past month so it is nice to get back and recommend you guys some killer new tunes. Up today is a new band called Silurian. This three piece hails from Minnesota and includes members of Suffering Hour, Sunless and Grand Demise of Civilization. Starting off the EP is the title track and it comes straight out of the gate with the riffs. If you are a fan of Sunless, you can tell pretty immediately that Lucas of Sunless did all the music writing for this project. It has that proggy feel to the music with breakneck tempo changes, thick bass tone that is prominent throughout the whole EP and gnarly solos to tie songs together. What makes it different from Sunless is the atmosphere. It is much darker and sinister, aided by the brooding vocals of Dylan, and the dissonance on the guitars. The tempo changes also aid the atmosphere with their continual shifts from slow to fast at a dizzying pace. Second track “Gondwanian Sacrifice” brings more fat riffs as Patrick fills every crevice on drums, keeping up with the guitars the whole time. The middle of the track brings us a killer guitar solo that starts off on the slower side and continuously increases in speed before the vocals kick back in during the last minute of the song, snapping the listener back into the darkness. The last track “Eurypterid Emperors” is the longest of the three tracks (the first two run just under four minutes, this one is about five and half) and what a track it is. Starting off with a little soloing, the drums and bass kick in and then all hell breaks loose. The speed ramps up to 1000 as Dylan roars into the mic and does not let up one bit. The whole track is a blur of dizzying riffs and pulverizing blast beats accompanied by a crazed beast that howls through the night. The track ends with some amazing tremolo riffing overtop a barrage of blast beats, slowly fading off into the ooze and muck. The musicianship displayed on this release is absolutely next level. It is chock full of great riffs, dissonance and even has a touch of avant-garde feel to it as well. If you are a fan of any of their bands or a fan of band such as Gorguts, Ulcerate and even Revocation (the soloing reminded me of something I would hear Dave Davidson come up with), then get on this release! Hopefully these three keep the tunes coming because what they have here is something really damn solid!

- The Metal Architect