Jan. 11, 2022

Album Review - Voice's "Breaking The Trauma Bond"

Album Review - Voice's

"If the words <avant-garde extreme metal> ever need to be used in conjunction with each other, Voices is the band where that term fits like a glove. Elements of black metal, death metal, post-punk, and post-metal are used to develop a sound that is a representation of each of those genres. On the title song, there is a wistful piano line that runs parallel with raging blasts, accompanied by sorrow-filled vocals and a melodic wall of distorted guitars. This type of musical fluidity can be found on each track and helps keep things feeling fresh throughout. It never comes across as bulky, excessive, or bloated but instead showcases their talent as musicians and as songwriters.  

With 16 songs over 68 minutes, there is a lot to absorb. While not necessarily a conceptual album, the theme throughout is about one's self, and the musical genre-bending plays very well with the lyrics. The vocals are adapted to enhance the lyrical experience and with delivery ranging from black metal rasps to Robert Smithisms, the varied styles add weight to the already deep lyrics.

The only reason Breaking The Trauma Bond didn't appear in my top albums of the year is because I didn't listen to it until just recently. I'm very comfortable in stating this ambitious work from Voices could have easily taken up residence in my list. Don't sleep on this album like I almost did. Give it the time it deserves and you'll be rewarded with an experience you won't forget anytime soon."