March 17, 2023

Announcing Vox&Hops Pit Culture

Announcing Vox&Hops Pit Culture

I am stoked to announce Vox&Hops Pit Culture!

Pit Culture is presented by Metal Injection and powered by Yakima Chief Hops.  I have teamed up with 26 breweries from across the globe to create unique craft beers to help educate the masses about what truly happens in a mosh pit.  Metal music has evolved, but the moves remain the same.  Mosh pits may seem violent to the untrained eye, yet they represent an organized social ritual.

Having had the pleasure to tour the world and witness countless mosh pits over my years in Cryptopsy, I discovered that mosh pits always seemed to remain the same.  Mosh pits are indeed sometimes extreme, but they are also engagements that promote mutual respect.  I wanted to create a project that could showcase all of the unique things which take place in mosh pits.  Things like circle pits, walls of death, stage diving, headbanging and crowd surfing just to name a few.  

I pitched the idea to a few fellow Metal Brewer friends of mine and they all loved it.  Back in 2021, I released 22 beers as a part of Brewtal North America where I paired 22 Vox&Hops Alumni with metal breweries from the US and Canada to create unique collaborative craft beers for their bands.  This time around I wanted to do it globally. As the pitches went out, the positive responses kept piling in.  I am beyond stoked to now have 26 breweries from the US, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, France, Italy, Cyprus, Japan & Australia that have agreed to enter the pit.

Pit Culture beers will all have unique names such as Circle Pit, Wall of Death, Headwalk, Pick Them Up, Arms Crossed and many more that will demonstrate what each of these terms signify in a mosh pit. Pit Culture beers will begin being released starting now till the end of 2023 and the beers will be released according to each brewery's standard release process.

I am beyond stoked to have teamed up with Metal Injection as the presenting sponsor of Pit Culture.  They are one of, if not, the biggest and best online metal music website.  When I was starting Vox&Hops back in 2018, I used to lurk on their site daily to get the most up to date details about the metal scene.  I am really happy that they are a part of this project with me.

I am also super honored that Yakima Chief Hops have agreed to sponsor Pit Culture.  They are the best hop distributor in the world, and I am really happy that they have agreed to collaborate with Vox&Hops once again as they did on the Vox&Hops Brewtal North America project.

The image that I used to create the label was taken by Susan Moss, the amazing Montreal based photographer.  Susan is a wonderful human and a killer photographer.  For a while now, I have been imagining creating a beer collab with a crowd on the label.  When I saw Susan's picture, I immediately knew that this was the pic that I wanted to use for Pit Culture.     

The label was designed by my good friend Philippe Brousseau.  He has been helping Vox&Hops with visual designs since 2021 and I am truly thankful to have him as a part of my team.

Participating Breweries:

Blackflag Brewing

Folly Brewing
Jackknife Brewing
Kahnawake Brewing x Mutoïde 
Le Fermentor 
New Level Brewing
OverHop Canada
Third Moon Brewing

Radical Way Brewing

Dry & Bitter Brewing

Brasserie Haarddrëch

Atoms Brewing

Yggdrasil Brewing

Hércules Cervecera

Bone Up Brewing
Collusion Tapworks
Cosmic Eye Brewing
Ghost Town Brewing
Little Cottage Brewery
Miskatonic Brewing
Phase Three Brewing
Speciation Artisan Ales
Vector Brewing
Wake Brewing