March 20, 2023

Pit Culture - Yggdrasil Brewing

Pit Culture - Yggdrasil Brewing

Yggdrasil Brewing's "CIRCLE PIT - Satanic IPA" which was brewed with 66.6kg of salt and 6.66kg of hops.  Plus the mashing was done at 66.6C and boiled in 66.6 minutes. 

This beer was created to promote the art of Circle Pits which is when during a high tempo part of a song, a group of people run in a large circle formation.

"CIRCLE PIT - Satanic IPA" was brewed as a part of Metal Injection presents Vox&Hops Pit Culture which is powered by Yakima Chief Hops.

"CIRCLE PIT - Satanic IPA" is now available at the Yggdrasil Brewing taproom in Kanagawa, Japan.