Nov. 12, 2020

Brad Parris (Nile & Xael)

Brad Parris (Nile & Xael)

A conversation with Brad Parris the bassist & vocalist of Nile & Xael.

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A conversation about how he has been coping with 2020, the soundtrack to his youth, his craft beer journey, a hypothetical Nile Collab Brew, his 1st shows, accepting his vocals, his new project Xael, filling the void, staying creative, a dream tour lineup & his hangover cure.

Throughout this interview Brad was drinking New Groove Brewing & Monster Subs collaborative brew "Angry Tomato Monster Beer". This Pale Ale was brewed with Tomato, Jalapeno & Basil...insane! Brad said that it tasted like hoppy salsa. It clocked in with a 6.1% ABV.


Matt was drinking Beauregard Brasserie Distillerie's "Impériale Extra Bourbon". This Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout was ominous, malty, chocolatey & a boozy delight. It clocked in with a 10.5% ABV.

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Jason Carlson



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Photo Credit:

Jason Carlson

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