Dec. 17, 2020

Kris Wallstrom (Warfect)

Kris Wallstrom (Warfect)

A conversation with Kris Wallstrom the bassist & backing vocalist of Warfect.

A conversation about how he has been coping with 2020, his 1st Brews, his favorite Beer Styles, the soundtrack of his youth, his 1st shows, growing up playing alongside Fredrik Wester, the Swedish Scene, a Warfect Craft Brew, a dream release tour lineup & his hangover cure.

Throughout this chat Kris was drinking Uddevalla Bryggeri's "IPA" which clocked in with a 7% ABV.


I was enjoying Birra Bar à Bières Maison's "Ginette" the hoppy sour. It was tart, acidic, had a phenomenal mouth feel & undeniably refreshing. It clocked in with a 3.5% ABV.

I am very stoked to announce that I have enlisted the help of my friend & ultimate Vox&Hops' Head Jerry Monk to create monthly playlists where he features the most brutal new releases. I have aptly named Jerry the Metal Architect because he consistently sends me albums that he thinks I would enjoy. It was an easy choice to bring him on as the Curator of these monthly playlists. You can check out Vox&Hops' Brewtal Awakening Playlist on either Spotify or Apple Music.

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Mikael Martinsson


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Photo Credit:

Mikael Martinsson

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