July 20, 2020

Matt's Origin Story as told by Joe Martel, Katherina Benoit & Mike Marino

Matt's Origin Story as told by Joe Martel, Katherina Benoit & Mike Marino

Part 1- Joe Martel
A conversation about his first impression of me, growing together, singing his words, his favorite memories of being in NiXtasm, why the band ended, the crazy nights of our youth, his impression about my current projects & NiXtasm 2020.

Throughout this interview Joe was drinking a Mojito Tea with a little bit a rum added to it.
Matt was drinking Le Saint-Bock's "CrHazy IPA". This is a cross between a NEIPA & West Coast IPA. It was juicy, slightly dank, ultra crushable yet not too Hazy. It clocked in with a 6.7% ABV.

Part 2- Katherina Benoit

A conversation about her first impression of me, the crazy parties of our youth, playing music, gaining confidence, always looking out for me, Cryptopsy & Vox&Hops.

Throughout this interview Katherina was drinking Tia Maria with almond milk.
Matt was drinking Central City Brewing's "Red Racer's Street Legal Pilsner". This dealcoholized brew was very close to a real beer experience. It was crisp, with a fantastic mouth feel & crushable. It clocked in with a 0.5% ABV.

Part 3- Mike Marino

A conversation about how we met, bringing me into the Montreal music scene, 3 Mile Scream, great party nights, some of our favorite gigs & his impressions of Vox&Hops.

Throughout this chat we were drinking Brewdog's "Ghost Walker IPA". A Non-Alcoholic IPA that was brewed in collaboration with Lamb Of God. It was slightly sweet, mildly bitter & surprisingly non-alcoholic! It clocks in at 0.5% ABV.

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