Nov. 18, 2020

Paty Rios (OverHop Canada)

Paty Rios (OverHop Canada)

A conversation with Paty Rios of OverHop Canada.

A conversation about how she has been coping with 2020, how she got into brewing, the Brazilian Craft Beer Scene, relocating to Canada, a series of happy coincidences, home brewers are the key, the pros & cons of contract brewing, the Qu├ębec Craft Beer Market, "Vox&OverHops" the DDH NEIPA, if she is into Metal & her hangover cure.

Throughout this conversation we were drinking OverHop Canada's "Skallen Clan". This White NEIPA was brewed in collaboration with Le Clan des Brasseurs. It radiated mango vibes, was ultra clean & undeniably delicious. It clocked in with a 6% ABV.

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