Jan. 22, 2021

Shawn-Kevin Laplante (Saint-Houblon)

Shawn-Kevin Laplante (Saint-Houblon)

A conversation with Shawn-Kevin Laplante the brewer at Saint-Houblon.

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A conversation about how they coped with 2020, his 1st brews, his brewer story, his vision of HYPE & the use of lactose, their phenomenal sour series, if he is a metalhead, his brewing playlist, breweries & bands he would like to collaborate with & his hangover cure.

Throughout this interview we enjoyed Saint-Houblon's "Série Houblonné: West Coast IPA". This ultra crushable West Coast IPA hopped with Columbus, Centennial, Citra & Simcoe Hops was fruity, slightly bitter & ultra crushable. It clocked in with a 6.4% ABV.

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