Nov. 16, 2020

Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir & Insidious Disease)

Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir & Insidious Disease)

A conversation with Silenoz the iconic guitarist of Dimmu Borgir & Insidious Disease.

A conversation about how he has been coping with 2020, Dimmu Borgir Brews, the soundtrack of his youth, his 1st shows, playing Montreal, After Death, his writing process, his approach to lyrics, a tour he wishes he could relive, a potential livestream & his hangover cure.

Throughout this episode Silenoz was drinking a Wild Berry Cider.


Matt was drinking Third Moon Brewing Company's "Conjuration". This Hazy IPA is a part of their new experimental series. It was hopped with Ella, Columbus & Vic Secret hops. It was slightly dank, radiated tropical fruits & was ultra crushable. It clocked in with a 6.5% ABV.

This is a Heavy Montreal presents Vox&Hops episode! Heavy Montreal is Montreal's premier metal promoter. They host one of North America's best Metal Festivals & present countless amazing events during the rest of the year. I am truly honored & extremely excited to have them involved in the podcast.

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