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Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity)

Nov. 9, 2020

A conversation with Mikael Stanne the vocalist of Dark Tranquillity.

Mark Osborne (Adroit Theory Brewing)

Nov. 5, 2020

A conversation with Mark Osborne of Adroit Theory Brewing located in Purcellville Virginia.

Farida Lemouchi (Molassess & The Devil's Blood)

Nov. 2, 2020

A conversation with Farida Lemouchi the legendary vocalist of Molasses & The Devil's Blood.

Cryptopsy Vocalists featuring Lord Worm, Mike DiSalvo, Martin Lacroix, Matt McGachy & moderated by Bradley Zorgdrager

Oct. 29, 2020

Cryptopsy Vocalists roundtable discussion featuring Lord Worm, Mike DiSalvo, Martin Lacroix, Matt McGachy & moderated by Bradley Zorgdrager.

Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle & Secret Chiefs 3)

Oct. 26, 2020

A conversation with Trey Spruance the legendary guitarist of Mr. Bungle & Secret Chiefs 3.

Mattias Lindeblad & Martin Brändström of Dark Tranquillity (Bandbond)

Oct. 22, 2020

A conversation with Martin Brändström of Dark Tranquillity & Mattias Lindeblad the creators of Bandbond.

Kevin Sharp (Venomous Concept, Primate, Lock Up & Brutal Truth)

Oct. 19, 2020

A conversation with Kevin Sharp legendary extreme vocalist of Venomous Concept, Primate, Lock Up & of course Brutal Truth.

Mike D'Ornellas (Microbrasserie 4 Origines)

Oct. 15, 2020

A conversation with Mike D'Ornellas the President & Co-Founder of Microbrasserie 4 Origines

Diamond Rowe (Tetrarch)

Oct. 15, 2020

A conversation with Diamond Rowe the guitarist & backing vocalist of Tetrarch.

Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

Oct. 12, 2020

A conversation about coping with 2020, no longer drinking, the soundtrack to his youth, 1st time playing Montreal, releasing an album during a pandemic, Podcasting, an interview he wishes he could do again, Live Podcasts & how he keeps his hustle going.

Dave Davidson (Revocation & Gargoyl)

Oct. 8, 2020

A conversation with David Davidson the vocalist & prolific guitarist of Revocation & Gargoyl.

Thirsty Thursday LIVE with Danny Marino (The Agonist)

Oct. 7, 2020

A conversation with Danny Marino the guitarist of The Agonist recorded live at October's Thirsty Thursday.

Sebastian Bach

Oct. 5, 2020

A conversation with the living legend Sebastian Bach.

Drew Stevens (Kahnawake Brewing Company)

Oct. 1, 2020

A conversation with Drew Stevens the Head Brewer of Kahnawake Brewing Company.

BLASKO (Ozzy Osbourne & Zakk Sabbath)

Sept. 28, 2020

A conversation with BLASKO the legendary bassist of Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Danzig & Zakk Sabbath.


Sept. 24, 2020

A conversation with a member of the GAEREA.

Dave Shapiro (Sound Talent Group, Velocity Records & Sound Talent Media)

Sept. 23, 2020

A conversation with Dave Shapiro of the Sound Talent Group, Velocity Records & the Sound Talent Media Podcast Network.

Stephane Barbe (Kataklysm & Ex Deo)

Sept. 21, 2020

A conversation with Stephane Barbe the bassist of Kataklysm & the guitarist of Ex Deo.