March 14, 2019

Jean-Francois Michaud (evenko)

A conversation about how he started out booking his first show at the age of 17, his time working for Universal Records as well as Extensive Enterprise, his transition to evenko, his involvement in as well a whole bunch of interesting facts regarding Heavy Montreal, his advice for people considering creating their own music festival & what he believes is the best beer he ever drank. This interview was recorded at Brasserie Harricana, which in my opinion is one of the most interesting breweries from Montreal. The beers which we drank during this interview were Brasserie Harricana's own Fruity Berliner Wiesse & their Coffee Berliner Weisse. Matt's Beer of the Week & Pairing of the Week This week the top beer award goes to a collaboration brew between two of the top breweries from Quebec right now. Microbrasserie Vox Populi & Brasserie du Bas Canada joined their spectacular forces to create a monster of a beer called Nightcaller. The beer is an imperial NEIPA and it clocks in at an impressive 11% ABV with a nice 50 IBU. The colour of the beer is a nice deep hay like hue but could be a tad more cloudy to hit the standard NEIPA Haze Craze. The nose is intensely tropical with some hints of floral notes it is very delectable. As for the taste, this is why this beer got the win of the week for me. It starts of fruity and juicy and it stays there right till the end of the flavour wave when it swings into a classy boozy hum. This beer is so drinkable but at such a high ABV we must be careful, it is extremely dangerous. On the back of the can the brewers have included a subtle note stating that they wish that us hop heads don't overindulge. The album that I would pair with this beer is Carpenter Brut's Leather Teeth which was released last year and was included on my personal top 10 of 2018 list. This metal induced synth wave album has warm overtones like the beer and I find myself returning to it often to overindulge in its superbly catchy rhythms and melodies. But I must be honest and say that the artwork on the beer's can heavily influenced this pairing. Don't forget to get your tickets for Cryptopsy's next tour Hell Over North America "The Blast Beat Party" alongside Aborted, Benighted & Hideous Divinity which starts next Thursday in Detroit!!! It going to be....a BLAST!

March 07, 2019

Filip Ivanović (Flat Bathtub)

A conversation about how he discovered craft beer, how he travels to Metal & Beer Fests throughout the United States, how he became an artist, his involvement with the Heavy MTL festival, how he inspires himself artistically and what beers and bands he is into right now. This Episode was recorded at Le Saint-Bock which alongside Vices & Versa is one of the best taprooms in Montreal. The beer that we drank was The Bruery's 9 Ladies Dancing. Which was a delectable little treat! It was an old ale style beer which was brewed with cacao nibs, vanilla, coffee and lactose. It clocks in at 11.3 % ABV, it was a great way to start the afternoon! Matt's Beer of the Week was NONE! That is because I attended La Cuvée d'Hiver. This was one of the best beer events I have ever been to!!! The beers were just out of this wold and I could not just pick one for this week because there were just too many fantastic brews. Matt's Album & Beer Pairing of the Week This week I would like to pair two odd things which fit perfectly together. The album is called New Flesh by the band Priest. It is a retro sounding synth-wave album which has heavy rhythmical beats and interesting hooks. It is an album that caught me by surprise and that I really found myself enjoying. The beer which I think fits so well with it is Brasserie Maltsrom's L'Écume est mauve et la nuit Séduisante. Now this beer is a real mind fuck...It is a Sour Dark Lager to which they have added Blackberries and Haskap berries. The colour is an odd reddish brown almost like an off cola soda and its nose is malty yet sweet. The initial mouth experience is malty and then it swooshes to an intense yet pleasant sour tone. It is a very strange yet totally enjoyable beer just like Priest's album New Flesh.

February 28, 2019

22- Dave Boucher (Extensive Enterprise)

A conversation about how Dave started out as a promoter by simply being a die heard fan, the ups and downs of being a promoter, my memories of playing my first big show in Montreal which he booked, the growth of his company Extensive Enterprise, his thoughts about the upcoming Heavy MTL lineup, which band is the worst to cleanup after and if he ever considered taking the leap to merge with a larger booking company. The beer which we tasted during this episode, which was recorded on location at Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel in Montreal, was Mega Mosaika. Mega Mosaika is termed as a new wave IPA which is a more intense version of their Ultra Mosaika Ipa. It clocks in at 6.9% ABV and is mono hopped with Mosaic hops. It was delicious, fruity but still packed a slight boozy punch at the end. Matt's Beer of the Week Lagabière La Brasserie Artisanale's Funkymothé which is a wild season beer which has been brewed with wild yeast and passion fruits. It is an extremely drinkable beer which is well balanced meaning it is not too bitter, malty, boozy or sour. It has a twinge of sourness that creeps up at the end but all in all it is a delectable fruity mouth experience! 8.7/10 Matt's Album & Beer Pairing of the Week: This past week the post-rock community lost one of it's founding fathers. The great Mark Hollis, the singer of Talk Talk, passed away. As an honor to all of the great music he released I decided to make a beer paring to my personal favorite Talk Talk album which is Spirit of Eden. Talk Talk was one of the most influential bands for the post-rock scene. In my opinion there would be no modern post-rock giants such as Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Mono or Radiohead as we know it without their musical contribution. As a paring to Spirit of Eden I chose another major influencer but this time of the Quebec craft beer scene Unibroue. Without Unibroue paving the way throughout the early 90s making one of the first Trappist inspired bottle re-fermented beers I doubt that Montreal would be where it is today in terms of its craft beer scene. So that being said my paring of the week is Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden & Unibroue's La Fin du Monde.

February 21, 2019

21- Olivier Pinard (Cryptopsy & Cattle Decapitation)

A conversation about his very busy upcoming 2019 playing in not only Cryptopsy, but also with Vengeful, Akurion & Cattle Decapitation. We mention that this is not the first time that we conduct an interview for Vox&Hops and how the initial interview is now known as "The Lost Episode of Vox&Hops". We also discuss his love of WWE Wrestling, some crazy tour stories, who he thinks is the best up and coming metal bands are, his memories of joining Cryptopsy as well revealing some new Cryptopsy announcements! We recorded this episode at one of, if not, the best tap rooms of Montreal. We were graciously taken care of by the lovely staff of Vices&Versa. Vices&Versa has one of the most varied and extensive beer list of the city and I am never disappointed when I go there. It is a must visit for any craft beer enthusiasts when you are in Montreal. For the first time on the podcast, my guest and I tackled a tasters platter during the interview. At Vices&Versa, they offer a 6 4oz tasters plater. Here is a list of the beers which we tasted during this Episode: 1- Funk Royal from Brasserie Dunham 2- Saison Ours from Microbrasserie Auberge Sutton Brouerie 3- 15 Vices from Matera Brasseurs Tonneliers 4- 4 Champagne from Brasserie Harricana 5- (Which turned out to be a cider...lol) Turbo Brut #3 from Cidrerie Chemin des Sept 6- Imperial Coffee Stout from Brasserie Vrooden Brewery Matt's Album and Beer Pairing from the week of Feb 15-22 is Herod's Sombre Dessein and Biererie Shelton's Imperial Stout which has been aged for 6 months in Bourbon casks.

February 14, 2019

20- Lyn Jeffs (Ingested)

A conversation about begging his Dad to let him play his drums, his early drumming influences, drinking his first pints at 14 in a proper pub, the best and the worst moments on the road, who he believes is the best extreme drummer today, the sacrifices he and the rest of the Ingested crew had to make in order to do the band full time and what Ingested's secret is in regards to the fact that after 12 years in existence all of the original members are still in the band. The beer that we drank during this episode was Wander Beyond Brewing's Peak which was a tasty Pale Ale which we drank at a fantastic brew pub called The Knott bar a right near The Rebellion the club we played that night in Manchester UK. Matt's Beer of the Week for February 8th-15th was Espace Public's Trempette Tropicale IPA. It is a delicious New England styled IPA, with a hazy colour, tropical (hence the name) and floral nose and a smooth not too bitter finish. Lyn Jeffs photo was taken by: http://www.benthijs.be/

February 07, 2019

19- Sven de Caluwé (Aborted)

A conversation about creating and enjoying Hell Over Europe 2, being Belgian and not being a fan of hoppy beer, how he discovered and experiments with his voice, being in a band with a bunch of "metal nerds", the best and worst parts of touring and how he handled the ups and downs during Aborted's career. Since Sven is not a fan of craft beer and I know he enjoys cider I decided to make an exception and we drank Bulmers' original cider. Matt's Beer of the Week for the week of Feb 1- Feb 8th is À La Fut's Boulet Funky which is a Saison Sour aged for 12 months in oak barrels.

February 01, 2019

18- Martin Lacroix (Ex-Cryptopsy)

A conversation about how he first started out as a tattoo artist, making his first tattoo gun from a walkman (portable cassette tape player), who is early inspirations were, why he relocated to Europe, how he discovered Death Metal on a shroom trip, his time in Cryptopsy and why he believes he is no longer with the band. The beers that we drank during this episode were Mikkeller's Hair In The Mailbox & Belhaven Brewery's Twisted Pineapple IPA. Matt's Beer of the Week was Brasserie Dunham's Maple Hazelnut Russian Imperial Stout!

January 25, 2019

17- Julien Truchan (Benighted)

A conversation about being out on the amazing Hell Over Europe 2 tour (Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted & Cytotoxin), learning how to drink beer after rugby practice, the similarities between being on a rugby team & being in a death metal band, where he discovered his death metal voices, his job at home as a nurse at a hospital in the psychiatric ward and how to mourn past band members who had to leave Benighted for personal reasons. The beer which we drank during this interview was Azimut's American IPA. Which is a local craft beer brewery from Bordeaux, France. Matt's Beer of the week was Matera Brasseur's S'toutünstout from Montreal Quebec! Julien Truchan's photo was taken by: Anthea Photography Concert

January 18, 2019

16- Jason Melidonie (Cytotoxin)

A conversation about growing up in a small village in Germany, discovering guitar through progressive music, his transition to technical death metal once being asked to join Cytotoxin, the best metal bands on the rise, what it is like being a vegan on the road, which band his dream tour lineup would include and what happens when the boys in Cytotoxin hear Extermination Dismemberment late at night on the tour bus. The beer that we drank during this episode was the classic Czech Pilsner: Pilsner Urquell.

January 11, 2019

15- Mega (Psychosomatic Recording Studio)

A conversation about growing up and living on the beautiful island of Majorca, how he discovered Metal Music, how he started recording bands, what got him off his island and into the world of touring, some silly tour stories from his time as Cryptopsy's sound man, an in depth description of the "Lady Fights" which were occurring on the Hell Over Europe II tour last November and the best & worst parts of touring. The Beer that we drank during this episode was Agustiner's Hells Lager at the Tannengarten Gasthaus in Munich Germany.

January 04, 2019

14- Andrew Gerrity (Wolvhammer & You Suffer)

A conversation about his insanely busy life on the road. Where he explains what it is like being on tour for more than 10 months a year, how he got into this crazy business, some of his worst tour experiences, his love of the Transportation Security Administration, his love and devotion to his home state of Florida, his displeasure of over hopped IPAs and what it is like to rush to the rescue when one of the bands on your tour package has crashed just a few miles ahead of you. The beer that we drank during this episode was Velkopopovický Kozel's Cerny (Dark) albeit not a craft beer but it was delicious nonetheless. I chose it because we conducted the interview live backstage in Ljubljana Slovenia on the Hell Over Europe II tour back in November and it was the best non-hoppy beer I could find for Mr. Gerrity.

December 21, 2018

13- Sébastien Croteau (Necrotic Mutation)

A conversation about his extremely busy year reinstating his classic death metal band Necrotic Mutation, his experience of being a part of a live death metal band for a theatre group for the play "Jean Dit" at Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui and his unbelievable immersion into the world of creating monster voices for videos games, television and films. The beer that we drank during this episode was: MaBrasserie's delicious MoMo Ipa.

December 14, 2018

12- Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers)

A conversation about learning how to sing in a choir at the age of 8, her years as a rugby player, our mutual appreciate of the criminally underrated movie Willow, her experience recording with Jacob Hansen in Denmark, and her visit to NASA as a guest of honour. The beer that we drank during this episode was: Le Trou du diable - Broue Pub et Restaurant's Saison du Tracteur.

December 07, 2018

11- Chris Kells (The Agonist & FTB Visuals)

A conversation about growing up in a small town and getting his angst out through extreme backyard wrestling, the challenges concerning filming music videos, and the surprising videos he draws inspiration from.

November 30, 2018

10- Jason Rockman (CHOM Radio & Slaves on Dope)

A conversation about being sober for over 25 years, how he became a DJ on CHOM, his early years playing on the sunset strip alongside System of a Down, getting signed to Sharon Osbourne's label and his love for all things comic book themed.

November 23, 2018

09- Pat Loisel (Augury)

A conversation about growing up with Asperger Syndrome in an era where those diagnoses did not exist, his unbelievable collection of over 200 tarantulas, how most of the material he brings to the table for Augury was actually written back in the 80s and the correlation between being a metal frontman and high school teacher.

November 16, 2018

08- Gabe Seeber (The Kennedy Veil & More)

A conversation about his time as a session drummer with Abbath, Powerglove, Decrepit Birth and The Faceless. As well as an epic tour disaster story about losing his passport and his quest to receive his new one before crossing the boarder into Canada. We enjoyed Boréale's IPA du Nord-Est during this conversation at Le Saint-Bock on St-Denis street in Montreal.

November 14, 2018

07- Aaron Keay Homma (Killitorous & Annihilator)

A conversation about growing up listening to Disney musicals, getting signed to a label at a young age, how he handles the transition between touring with Killitorous & Annihilator and his opinion of bands touring with session replacement players. Throughout this episode we drank L'Ours from Le Trou du Diable.